There was never a dull day
in a small town near Taipei.
Full of peace and joy
The children played without a single toy
They laughed and played and never fought
But they always imagined, any chance they got
They dreamed of fantasy, of Jasmine and Aladdin
But everyone?s favorite was, of course, the dragon.
Although we see the dragon?s teeth,
These children see what?s underneath
It?s true they see that it?s strong and bold
But they also see its heart of gold
They believe the dragon watches over them at night
And protects them until the next day?s light
The dragon, to them, is a sign of peace
And the dragon?s love will never cease
It will guide them through their entire lives
Until they grow old with lovely wives
The dragon is a sign of hope, you see,
A reason to believe that change is key
for the world isn?t perfect and dragon?s aren?t real
But we can reach out to children and that?s a good deal.

--Ben R., 18