A cold winter night.

The night was cold, colder than any the human had ever experienced. Walking fiercely through the snow; the human was determined to get to the temple on top of the mountain where his son lay extremely sick and needed the medicine the men was carrying. The human was trying its hardest, but whatever advance he made forward, the snow storm would make the double the amount the opposite way. The men couldn't give up, it was... it was his son! He couldn't simply give up, that wasn't an option; he had to get to the temple. He was closing his eyes, so the snow wouldn't blind him completely. The temple... So far away... a bare light in the distant summit of the mountain... The men fell on his knees, one last though going to his son, and while dropping a single crystal clear tear, the men whispered: "I'm sorry"...

As if heard, the men looked up and couldn't believe what he saw. A giant indigo-scaled dragon ready to land right in front of him with its massive blue wings wide spread to slow the landing. As the dragon landed right in front of the men and simply said this with a strong, though feminine voice: "Don't worry, I got you." And with this, she embraced the man with her wings, warming him. And they stayed like this the whole night. The dragon warming the human that was cold from the snow storm. And the men warming the dragon, who was cold in the inside, from her exile.

By the morning the dragon carried the men to the top of the mountain, as fast as she could, for the men's boy would not be able to resist for too long. Upon reaching the temple, the men ran inside, fearing the worse. He saw his son still and pale as a stone. The men, who had done its best to save his beloved son now cried. Upon seeing this the dragon walked up to the kid's body and stood in a position of respect, with its massive head over the child's pale body. And with a feeling of true sadness she let out a single drop of pure crystalline tear from her eyes on top of the child. As if awoken from a dream the child suddenly opened his eyes, and upon seeing the dragon he jumped from the bed, terrorized. The men said in an amazed tone: "Fear not my son, for she is the one you must thank" The boy then hugged the dragon's neck and happily said: "Thank you," Upon hearing this the dragon let out a single tear of joy and replied to the boy: "No, I thank you, for what you have done for me is greater than anything that has ever happened to me" Said the dragon, upon feeling accepted for the first time.