Taste of Peace

Food is one of the few pleasures that indulges all of our senses. It first engages us when we are shopping for the ingredients – through multiple shades of perfection, sniffing, squeezing, and tapping to hear the sound of freshness tap back. Preparation adds the rhythmic accompaniment with its crispy snaps and chop-chop chopping; a subtle serenade of bubbles while soups and sauces mix and mingle with well-measured and perfectly paired ingredients – all of this ultimately leading to the final indulgence- eating!

Food is the compassionate kiss for traveling through a rough day and it is the ultimate reward for life’s accolades. It is a gift we give to ourselves, and one we open our hearts to share with others. It gives us spice when our day is dull; it gives us sweet to make it sweeter.

We can find peace in our foods, and can create peace in our meals. Share your favorite recipe and tell us its story. Make one of our recipes to share with your friends, and share the story of its origin.

Sharing is the unifying spice of peace.

Share your recipe by filling out the Peace Dragon recipe cards.

Don't know how to cook? Give us the ingredients needed to make "peace on the playground" or "peace with popsicles" – you can create the event and tell us how to get the peace party started. Post your peace party invitation in the art section!

Thank your favorite cook with a set of our Peace dragon recipe cards, or use the template to use your dragon design.

Grandmother Davis' Sweet potato pie

Posted By: Charlisa Pugh

Enjoy with those you love!

Melt-in-your-mouth Shortbread Cookies

Posted By: Geoff Morgan

Here is a great "Morgan family" shortbread recipe.

Grandma's Fudge

Posted By: TJ Shay

According to my wife's grandma (who I never had the opportunity to meet), you should only make the fudge above on a sunny day. In my life I've learned you don't mess with the wisdom of elders. I make this…


Posted By: Shellie Braeuner

This is a recipe that was brought to this country by my German grandmother. She and my grandfather fled Germany because they saw what was happening. My grandmother's cousin was a Catholic priest in Westphalia.…

Heritage Cornbread Dressing

Posted By: Mike and Kathy Key

This a recipe that we always look forward to on Christmas & Thanksgiving. It is a combination of both my parent's mothers.

Corn Bread and Honey Butter

Posted By: Andee Rudloff

Sooo comforting and sharing with you!

Shrimp Bobo

Posted By: Antonio Amaral Jr.

My recipe is a very Brazilian dish that has always been my favorite for any occasion.

Cozy Up Chicken Soup

Posted By: Topher Fortney

The perfect soup to bring you and your loved ones together on a cold winter night.

orange honey balsamic chicken

Posted By: jacqueline schienost

my friends, family, roomates all love it when I make this orange honey balsamic chicken they love it so much they ask me to make it for them all the time!!