Tune into peace and have the world sing a whole new tune.

Has peace got you tapping your toes, or humming a catchy chorus? This is the place for you. Show us how peace sounds in your heart. Post your music, your lyrics, lyrics you like (but let us know who sang them!)

Need a grander scale? Produce the whole number with a back-up band and tap, hum, sing, or play your pots and pans to the beat of your ballad– as long as it's in the key of peace, rock on!

'Imagine' by Theo Cas

Posted By: brady young

So I thought: " 'Imagine' is such a powerful song of peace, I wonder what would happen if you applied some upbeat energy to it - added some rhythmic spark to the wonderful lyric??" So our band worked…

Big Idea

Posted By: Annette Williams Crabtree

This song is about not blindly following what others tell us but about doing what we know is right in our hearts. Sometimes we can help others by changing our own outlooks loving ourselves,…