Dance and Movement

Swing, step, stomp, or stretch into a peaceful space with your dragon moves. Feel peace in every breath, in every limb – see how it naturally moves you. Weather you call it a dance, a performance, or exercise – show us how. Make it a movie or create a move-by move photo sheet so we can all keep in step.

We have the first program, "Waking the Peace Dragon" a Qi Gong routine by Martin Thambert. It is an inspirational way to activate your energy in a subtle and controlled way, a powerfully peaceful way to start any day. See the steps and then see how Martin describes peace.

Need some warm-up inspirations? Wiggle your hands, wiggle your toes... then enter a peace garden and dance among the flowers, be the dragon who floats in the wind, or wades in the moonlit pond for a solo swim. Listen to the music from the music gallery. Does one of them get you moving? Read one of the stories or poems and act it out. Every Heart: A Peace Dragon Tale offers the idea of looking at the peace and fiery dragons that live within our own temperaments. Can you put that into action?

Perform the "Hatching of the Peace Dragon" or Dragon's first flight, imagine discovering you had wings!

We can't wait to see peace take the center stage here at the dragon gallery...

We do not take any responsibility for your undertaking of any of the presentations posted here. We assume all viewers know their physical abilities.