Ms. Rebore's Class – Mary G. Clarke 2014

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Ms. Rebore's Class – Mary G. Clarke 2014

Dance in the rich colors and imaginations of these artists who who are bringing lots of peace presents to this world!

Math Dragons

What happens when you have mathematicians draw with their math symbols? Let's take a look!

Ms.Mignone's class Mary G Clarke 2014

Lots of love coming your way from this gathering of peace dragons. Cool colors splash the skies while warms colors wash to the edges of every page. Enjoy!

Ms. Laino's Class Mary G Clarke school 2014

Caught before coloring, these artists mastered the lines of their flying dragons and are the canvas for more gifts being readied to deliver to the world!

Patricia Gehrels – Graded Brazil

Gaze upon the many gifts this amazing third grade class in Brazil wished to share with you… (and it took me so long to get them posted, they are now fabulous fourth graders!)

Andrew Jackson Elementary, Old Hickory TN

During Read me week, I visited the fantabulous third Graders at Andrew Jackson Elementary and wow! I read the book Ish by the inspiring Peter Reynolds. Make sure you look at the wonderful variety of…

Old Center Elementary

My second school during read me week added some fantastic new dragon friends to the online menagerie. Remember, these are the first time these kids have drawn dragons and they are only in third grade!…

Emily Chan International School of Beijing

Please browse through each and every message these young peace masters have brought to light. Within the text, you will find the heart of our new generation. Thank you Emily for making a hallway of hope…

Mary G. Clarkson- Day One –Kirchner

Our Dragon drawing days begin with the fearless class of Kirchner leading the way. A simple circle can turn into almost anything – and in this case – smiling loving, peace dragons!

Mr. LaRuina's and Ms. Cody's Classes

During my New York trip I had the pleasure of visiting with the students from Mr. LaRuina and Ms. Cody's classes. I told my story and we all drew and sang, "Choose Love" part of the musical being written…

Mary G Clarkson- Day one- Davila

We started our marathon dragon drawing days with the "start with a circle" dragon head. Can you actually find where we started? But more importantly, see how these dragons and their magnificent faces…

Ms. Rebores class

Be sure to peruse the artists and note their brilliant choices in creating the environments for their peace dragons, as well as the dragons. Some have things to say, others say it with they way they just…