For Parents and Teachers

Start with a Heart Doodle Friends

You can draw anything when you find the familiar strokes of the alphabet and shapes and put them together to make your image come to life. These step-by-tiny-step lessons will show you just how easy it…

hidi activities

Moving out of the pages of the award winning book, How I Did It, these activities will have everyone trying new things with a heart for fun and adventure. Writing exercises have you rewrite the text of…

Not opposite cut, paste draw and print dragons

Celebrate differences by creating peace dragons through a drawing, cut and paste or thumbprint activities. The thumbprint page gives a step-by-step directions on dragon details! Includes to color and write…

LoveBirds steps

Learn how to draw love birds, starting with a heart. Watch the video and then use this as a guide to help you along! Step-by-step, no erase guide, new lines are highlighted in pink.

Start With a Circle

How to draw a dragon head.

Wedge-shoe Blank


T-shirts are the canvas of the clothing universe - a mobile billboard to the world at large.

The Tie

The long lean shape of the tie lends itself to the body or flight of the dragon.

The Sock

The sock is the staple for toe care when you are putting your best foot forward for peace.

The Hoodie

Sweats are a staple of the casual wardrobe.