Peace Welcomes Everyone

I've posted about the awesome peace turtles that live in the lake outside my back door...

You Are Here

While walking through the museum - the words told me I was here, but was I?

You Are Loved

There are times after a school visit, especially when teaching peace, that you hope you've planted seeds that will blossom.

Funday Sunday

Make it a play day Sunday...

Follow the Lines

Follow the lines of varying green in the leaves.


"If you want to be happy, follow your happy feelings, not your unhappy ones."


Flowerpot Press has done it again with a fabulous poster for teachers and librarians!

Connect to the Heart

As the founder of the Peace Dragon, I encourage everyone to go to the heart.

Southern Festival of Books 2016

What in the world do beans and books have to do with Peace?


"Beyazing" words- Beyond amazing.


Join me as we take the power of words into personal reflection.

Memories of the First Journey

Memories of the most amazing first journey of the Peace Dragon.

The Dragons are coming!

The Dragons are coming! The Dragons are coming!!

Personal Anchors

If we could find the way to release our personal anchors, that freedom, that peace...

Thank You Forest Hills Eastern

There's nothing better than an activity that elicits the big Aha moment.

Thank You Pine Ridge

"Every heart has a point, every point a direction, which way way shall you go?"

My Second Act

As the creator of The Peace Dragon, I share why peace and love are the foundations that help us keep our balance through all adversity

Divine Directions

"Every heart has a point, every point a direction, which way way shall you go?"

The First Valentine

Fill yourself with love,

No Name Calling Week

Come in from the cold and join us this Saturday for a night of amazing speakers

Celebrate Kindness

Here are the details for this amazing evening. Don't forget to RSVP if your in the neighborhood!

Make more light!

Peter Reynolds, Ny times best selling author and illustrator posted this beautiful peace of art..

A Gift Of Peace

New York Times Best selling author Peter H. Reynolds presented Linda Ragsdale with his vision of a peace dragon earlier this month.

100 dragons- Island Monkeys revisited…

There is a story floating around which offers hope for humanity through the observations of monkeys on an island.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

January twenty-third marks the beginning of the year of the dragon in the Chinese calendar.