Peace Master Class

Peace Master Class

Master may seem a daunting title until we learn to look it and see it for what it truly means. Being a Peace Master means embracing our very human side, our very imperfect human side, as well as everyone else’s. When we can equally embrace all our fiery, scaly, spiky sides along with our cuddly, compassionate and loving ones we have a single foot planted in peace. Only when we plant our other foot down by allowing and accepting the same humanness in others, can we find the balance. So this is our dance, learning to find our balance.

Being a Peace Master means we know we will step in it – those glorious piles of mistakes. We’ll try to dance around it – but that’s human! We are imperfect. We’ll make little mistakes and we’ll make gigantic ones. But it’s only when we try to hide or refute our imperfections – our mistakes – that we divide our selves into pieces. Here is where the trouble begins. We try so hard keep those things hidden, that we miss living in our now. Within these hidden sections, we can get lost and anchored in blame, shame and the mythical complexes of inferiority and inability.

Owning who we are is one of the first steps of finding peace within ourselves. But discovering who we are, is the ever changing question on this journey we call life. Every situation puts us at choice, and using truth as our balance, we learn how to use it, lose it and regain it. Every challenge and adventure can become a benefit to us. Everything makes us stronger! So as a Peace Master, we ask ourselves to keep striving to be who we wish to be, and to love the whole of who we are in this moment.

So what are you choosing?

As Peace Masters we use truth to choose a balanced view and voice, and lovingly accept our choices by using these very human powers to have a super life.

So I’ll ask again – are you a Peace Master?

The Peace Master Class is a free curriculum with three simple lessons on view, voice and choice that can be easily integrated into any educational effort, and reinforced through everyday occurrences. It is a living curriculum. The Peace Master Class is a balance to educational curriculums, helping to create happy and productive human beings.

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