The Peace Dragon Project is a creative arts site dedicated to inspiring children and adults of the world to celebrate individual differences as an infinite resource of possibilities to resolutions in art and life; it opens the global doorway to participate in an inclusive, non-judgmental environment of artistic expression with a focus on creating peaceful images; it encourages challenging the validity of existing myths by exploring the transformation of the peaceful, benevolent dragon into a malevolent, aggressive creature: returning the dragon’s image to its original stature through artistic presentations, in whatever form they may manifest. It positions the arts center stage with the task of changing the world's direction with a guided focus, one it is more than capable of performing.

The virtual mission enters the real domain by taking art, story and peace concepts on the road.  

Methods: Each discipline presents a connection to the real life relationships with our world neighbors and our selves.

  • Within the drawing lessons, there is the repeated call to taking claim to the title "artist." This releases one from the expectations of perfection and to revel in the joy of experimentation, to value the experience of drawing without judgment, but valued as successful simply in the effort. This freedom extends beyond self, viewing art with eyes, heart and mind open to acceptance of other artist visions.
  • Writing prompts crack the door to creativity by offering a seed on which to sprout ideas. It poses a stand where their feet may not have stood before. This walk in another person’s shoes brings empathy, compassion and understanding for other people.
  • The peace curriculum, currently being collaborated on for Nashville, brings current and past books about peace, peaceful, thinking into light working to meet state requirements or curriculum focus.
  • All visions, all arts: The site will accommodate every artists vision, continuing to  the definitions which hinder exploration or acceptance, so all efforts will be made to post and present unique visions of peace. Currently awaiting posting: Qi Gong routine, a dance recital, a song and upcoming musical, as well as the video and audio versions of Every Heart: A Peace Dragon Tale.