About the Project

"The Dragon thunders in the sky with the sound of compassion that awakens us from delusion and increases what we can know through hearing. Dragons have the power of complete communication. Just as we do not see sound, we do not see dragons -- at least not usually."

Crafting Peace Through the Arts

On Thanksgiving eve 2008, Naomi Scherr, thirteen years old, and I were dining in Mumbai and planning our Friday schedule: setting a new pool somersault record; painting Mehndi designs on our feet; and I was to teach her how to draw a dragon.

Our Friday never came.

Terrorists stormed the restaurant and killed Naomi and her father, Alan, wounding the rest of us at the table. A machine gun bullet seared a two and a half foot path through my body, setting me on new path – one of bringing light into dark places. In the effort to keep my promise to Naomi and pursue my mission, I started The Peace Dragon Project.

The Peace Dragon Project is an interactive website promoting the work of global artists of all ages, in all disciplines, who have taken on the challenge to break down the violent and fiery image of the dragon and re-establish it as the loving and compassionate creature lost to the myths and mythmakers. This project opens the door to celebrating the differences of all works and respecting each individual’s vision. While working on the projects, artists will experience the necessity to see people, places and the world without the blinders and walls built by preconceived notions, and use their hearts to sense the world around them.

The Peace Dragon has a dual mission. Kia Scherr, mother and widow, along with Master Charles Cannon, Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation have founded the One Life Alliance, a non-profit peace education organization. To support her efforts, individuals from all walks of life will be solicited to draw and donate dragons to auction off and help fund One Life initiatives. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Alliance. Personal instruction or web videos will aid those who are novice to paper adventures through the no fail, no erase techniques employed in my books. Peace Dragons can be drawn with just two letters, and others from the letters in the word peace, keeping with the focus to awaken to the novel ways one can view anything.

My name is Linda Ragsdale and I am an award-winning designer, author illustrator. The first two books of my five book how to draw series are on their second reprint, the third having sold out at delivery. The fourth and fifth books are following suit. The initial purpose of this method is to create success by defining it as the celebration of any exploration in art. By utilizing letters and shapes, a natural understanding of the uniqueness of one's own handwriting releases the artist from comparing their work to anyone but their own. The Amazing Step-By-Step Art Card Series establishes the freedom to explore and confidence to try.